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Mercer Internal Medicine Patient Privacy Policy

Maintaining patient confidentiality and trust is critical to our mission of providing you with high quality health care.  This policy explains how Mercer Internal Medicine approaches patient privacy, communications to patients and other entities, and how you may review and amend your medical record.

1)                  Whenever a patient contacts our office by telephone or in person to make an appointment, the demographic information and health history obtained is recorded in a secure computer system.  All phone calls are private; speakerphones are never utilized when confidential or private patient information is discussed.

2)                  Whenever a patient arrives in our office for a visit they are asked to register on a sign in sheet.  Only your name is recorded on this list.  If signing in on a list compromises your privacy please discuss it with a medical receptionist prior to registering.  Additionally we ask that you write your name on the progress note that will be used for the visit along with your symptoms and concerns.  If you prefer, the nurse or doctor can complete this form with you in the privacy of the exam room.  You will be called to the examination area by your name.

3)                  Your visit with the doctor is confidential.  All interactions of a private nature occur behind a closed door. 

4)                  Your check out occurs in the reception area.  If your concern for privacy requires a secluded checkout we will provide such an environment.

5)                  After your visit we often need to forward results of ordered tests to you.  It is our policy to mail copies of reports to the preferred address that you listed on the Patient Information Sheet.  Should we need to contact you by phone, we will use the preferred phone number you provided.  Our policy is to leave non-confidential messages on the voice mail that is attached to your preferred phone number.  In the event of a medical emergency we will use any and all numbers and addresses you have provided to assure your safety.

6)                  You have the right to review your personal chart.  This can be done at a mutually convenient scheduled office visit with a nurse or physician present to help interpret the information.  You have the right to a copy of your chart.  The original is the property of Mercer Internal Medicine, LLC., and may not be released.  We have the option to charge a copy fee of $1 per page up to a maximum of $100.  You have the right to suggest amendments to your record, and such amendments may be placed in the chart.  Amendment forms are available in the office.

7)                  We will not release any part of your chart to anyone without your written consent.  Exceptions to this include your health insurer who reviews charts to determine payment and monitor quality, and consulting physicians who need records to assist with their evaluation of you.

If you require additional arrangements to protect your privacy, please feel free to discuss this with a nurse or physician who serve as Privacy Officers for Mercer Internal Medicine, LLC.